Redefine achievable.

NITROcrete exists to enhance the lives of the people who build our communities. Together with our industry partners, we improve safety, profitability, and sustainability. As the concrete industry innovates, NITROcrete brings concrete cooling into the 21st century.

Automate Cooling

Lower concrete temperature with liquid nitrogen delivered with updated concrete technology. Automated, adaptive batching maintains concrete cooling, even in hot weather concreting.

Speed-Up Production

Automation means increased production and reduced pour time, without compromising quality. This can shave days or weeks off project time.

Enhance Safety

By delivering liquid nitrogen as an admixture, NITROcrete makes concrete operations safer for workers. We remove ice cooling from the equation and instead introduce reliability with less strain and hassle.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

As the industry moves towards more sustainable concrete, NITROcrete is another way concrete producers can reduce waste & carbon emissions by leveraging the latest technological advancements in concrete cooling.

Concrete control that
puts people first.
When a customer approached us for a better way
to cool concrete, we didn't stop until we changed
the industry. Today the largest concrete companies,
worldwide, use NITROcrete™ to make concrete
temperature control safer and more sustainable.
Every pour
Our industry partners bring concrete
control into the 21st century by
introducing innovation that
changes what's possible.
As the industry steps up to improve
efficiency and sustainability, NITROcrete™
adds to these efforts by challenging
the ubiquity of ice for
temperature control.
Build durably.
Build sustainably.
Built right the first time.
The most sustainable construction
is built with materials that last.
When concrete meets a higher standard
for temperature control, the result is
not only concrete that's easier today, but also
concrete that sustains the infrastructure that
our great-great grandchildren can enjoy.

What is NITROcrete™?

NITROcrete automates temperature control for concrete cooling that’s simpler and more reliable. As the world leaders in temperature control, we support the industry with the latest technology in the hands of knowledgeable, dependable support.

NITROcrete delivers liquid nitrogen as a service, automating cooling to achieve lower temperature without downtime or labor strain.

With NITROcrete™, automated concrete cooling is informed by data analysis, precision dosing, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Equipment, software integration, and ongoing support

Sustainability in Concrete Control

With the confidence of temperature control, our customers build for the future. They build with durable concrete and reduce waste.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

NITROcrete reduced CO2 emissions by 83% when compared to conventional ice cooling in a third party life cycle analysis report.

Avoid Waste

By meeting temperature specification, concrete avoids wasted loads, thereby avoiding the subsequent energy waste during production.

Low Energy Consumption

With a more streamlined process, NITROcrete means a 66% reduction in energy usage when compared to conventional ice cooling.

Curtail Particulate Matter

Compared with conventional ice cooling, NITROcrete™ produces 87% less particulate matter.

Eliminate Polythene Bags

Without the need for thousands of ice bags for cooling, liquid nitrogen eliminates polythene bag waste from ice.

Prevent Injury

NITROcrete plays a crucial roll in our industry partners’ comprehensive plans to reduce strain on labor to make work safer and easier

Latest News

Cryogenic Industrial Solutions (CIS), a leading provider of cryogenic transport trailers, tanks, equipment repairs, lease fleet and nitrogen services, announced the acquisition of NITROcrete earlier this month. NITROcrete joins Alloy Custom Products, WesMor Cryogenics, CIS Leasing and Integrity Gas Services under the CIS umbrella of companies.

Hot weather concreting isn’t for the faint of heart. We’d hazard a hypothesis that profanity on project sites goes up proportionally with ambient temperature. In short: hot weather concrete is difficult. A simple-sounding yet familiar problem, but one with a complicated explanation. Stubborn hot weather concrete causes challenges for a variety of interconnected reasons.

“We often receive questions about the effects of liquid nitrogen on aggregates,” said Eric Van Dixhorn, NITROcrete VP of Engineering. “Arizona was invested in confirming the safety of pre-cooling methods of delivering liquid nitrogen to the aggregate — which differs from what people historically think of when they imagine LN for concrete cooling…

After about a year of testing, NITROcrete is now approved by the Virginia Department of Transportation for safe use in concrete roadwork operations. With this, VDOT brings concrete cooling into the 21st century as an alternative to ice cooling

We’re all working hard to ensure that improving infrastructure now also results in a safer future. Sustainability necessitates controlling the variables of concrete production to mitigate waste.

With high ambient temperatures and a high cement mix, finishers couldn’t believe how easy NITROcrete™ was to work with.