The Liquid Nitrogen Solution for Concrete Temperature Control

Automated temperature control for safer, more sustainable concrete.

Redefine achievable.

NITROcrete exists to enhance the lives of the people who build our communities. Together with our industry partners, we improve safety, profitability, and sustainability. As the concrete industry innovates, NITROcrete brings concrete cooling into the 21st century.


Automate Cooling

Lower concrete temperature with liquid nitrogen delivered with updated concrete technology. Automated, adaptive batching maintains concrete cooling, even in hot weather concreting.

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Speed-Up Production

Automation means increased production and reduced pour time, without compromising quality. This can shave days or weeks off project time.

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Enhance Safety

By delivering liquid nitrogen as an admixture, NITROcrete makes concrete operations safer for workers. We remove ice cooling from the equation and instead introduce reliability with less strain and hassle.

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Reduce Carbon Emissions

As the industry moves towards more sustainable concrete, NITROcrete is another way concrete producers can reduce waste & carbon emissions by leveraging the latest technological advancements in concrete cooling.

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What is NITROcrete™?

NITROcrete automates temperature control for concrete cooling that's simpler and more reliable. As the world leaders in temperature control, we support the industry with the latest technology in the hands of knowledgeable, dependable support.

NITROcrete delivers liquid nitrogen as an admixture, automating cooling to achieve lower temperature without downtime or labor strain.

With NITROcrete™, automated concrete cooling is informed by data analysis, precision dosing, and seamless integration with existing systems.

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Equipment, software integration, and ongoing support

workers onsite reviewing a clipboard checklist

Sustainability in Concrete Control

With the confidence of temperature control, our customers build for the future. They build with durable concrete and reduce waste.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

NITROcrete reduced CO2 emissions by 83% when compared to conventional ice cooling in a third party life cycle analysis report.


Avoid Waste

By meeting temperature specification, concrete avoids wasted loads, thereby avoiding the subsequent energy waste during production.


Lower Energy Consumption

With a more streamlined process, NITROcrete means a 66% reduction in energy usage when compared to conventional ice cooling.


Curtail Particulate Matter

Compared with conventional ice cooling, NITROcrete™ produces 87% less particulate matter.


Eliminate Polythene Bags

Without the need for thousands of ice bags for cooling, liquid nitrogen eliminates polythene bag waste from ice.


Prevent Injury

NITROcrete plays a crucial roll in our industry partners' comprehensive plans to reduce strain on labor to make work safer and easier.

Project Profiles

concrete bridge piers on I-74 bridge reconstruction

Mass Concrete

Mass Concrete on I-74 Bridge Across the Mississippi

The Iowa and Illinois DOTs anticipate that almost 100,000 vehicles per day will cross the new I-74 bridge expansion across the Mississippi River. To support this project, NITROcrete™... Read more about mass concrete >>

CIBC towers under construction in Toronto

High Performance

Temperature Control for High Performance Mix Design in Toronto Financial District

As Toronto's busy financial district adds two new center core towers, the project required high specification concrete for a high performance mix design. It wasn't until... Read more about high performance mix design >>

worker finishing concrete

Fresh Properties

Field-Proven Workability

Sweltering summer heat in Atlanta, Georgia is not where you'd expect to hear teammates say “my boots are actually cool right now” while finishing concrete. And yet... Read more about concrete fresh properties >>

Latest News

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Stephen De Bever Joins NITROcrete as CEO

Stephen De Bever Joins NITROcrete as CEO; Drew Nelson Transitions to Executive Chairman

De Bever joins NITROcrete after two decades of executive management experience in the construction and concrete industry. Most recently, De Bever served as Chief Executive Officer of Standard Precast and Chief Operating Officer of Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping. Learn more about our new CEO >>

May 2021

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NITROcrete Webinar about safety with Brandon Echard and Eric Van Dixhorn

NITROcrete to hold webinar about automation and safety on Tuesday, April 6

Learn about NITROcrete's patented system helps protecting people and reduce injury from this 30-minute webinar. Attendees will hear from Brandon Echard, VP of Field Operations and Eric Van Dixhorn, VP of Engineering. The session will conclude with a Q&A. Learn more and sign up to attend >>

April 2021

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NITROcrete Webinar speakers Matthew Nazarenko and Eric Van Dixhorn

NITROcrete to Hold Live Webinar: March 8 at 3pm EST

Attend NITROcrete's webinar on Monday, March 8th at 3pm EST. This 30-minute webinar will introduce participants to the powerful new liquid nitrogen technology that's delivering advantages to industry leaders from Toronto to Dallas to São Paulo and beyond. Learn more and sign up for the free webinar >>

March 2021

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40 under 40 congratulations to Drew Nelson

NITROcrete congratulates CEO Drew Nelson on 40 Under Forty recognition

NITROcrete CEO Drew Nelson earned recognition from Northern Colorado's business journal, BizWest, as a business leader who has made significant contributions to his community and industry. He was selected as one of the 40 under Forty honorees, along with leaders across a breadth of industries. Read more about the recongnition >>

November 2020

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NITROcrete front desk

William Sandbrook and Kevin Foti accept appointments to NITROcrete Board of Directors

NITROcrete expands its systems internationally and bolsters its value proposition with emerging research, former CEO of U.S. Concrete and retired President of Praxair U.S. add their industry wisdom to the NITROcrete Board of Directors. Read more about our newest board members >>

October 2020

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State of Arizona superimposed over an Arizona Highway

Arizona Department of Transportation changes concrete specification to permit aggregate cooling with liquid nitrogen

Arizona Department of Transportation announced their revised specifications for hot weather concreting. These new specifications allow the use of liquid nitrogen to cool aggregate for concrete construction. Read more about what this specification change means >>

November 2020

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graphic of Virginia superimposed on a highway

Virginia Department of Transportation Approves NITROcrete

After about a year of testing, NITROcrete is now approved by the Virginia Department of Transportation for safe use in concrete road work operations. With this, VDOT ... Read more about what this development means for Virginia infrastructure projects...

July 2020

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father and daughter fishing together

More energy for what matters most.

When workers stay safe and avoid injury at work, success gets measured by every life-altering disaster that our customers prevent by switching to NITROcrete – and by every goodness that fills workers' lives, instead. Read more about jobsite safety >>

August 2020

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