We’ve got your back.

NITROcrete™ supports the industry through unparalleled service to customers. With live support available 24/7, our industry partners take guesswork out of their operations and maintain precision control.

Command Center Support

With 27/4 precision logistics, the Command Center at NITROcrete™ takes the guesswork out of temperature control with cloud-based management and support.

Team Engineering Support

Our engineers have spent years achieving desired cooling for all types of projects. We collaborate with state DOTs, regulatory agencies, and project engineers

Sales Support

Learn how to provide NITROcrete™ concrete for your customers and their projects. We’ll connect you with the regional representative best suited to answer your questions.

“This team is great to work with. They’re always there, always available, and always eager to help.”

Support from real people empowered with real-time data.

At NITROcrete, we believe in the power of technology to drive industry success.

However, we also know the most powerful technology must also come with the human element. A listening ear. Wise judgement calls. Common sense and real industry experience.


Command Center: Customer Support

Your area representative will provide the most comprehensive general support. If you need immediate support, and you cannot reach your representative, our technical support team can assist you 24/7.

Customer Site Support

1-833-MY-NITRO Ext 2 (1-833-696-4876 Ext 2)

For emails, include site name and description of issue.

Liquid Nitrogen Ordering

1-833-MY-NITRO Ext 1 (1-833-696-4876 Ext 1)

For emails, include site name and desired delivery time.


2040 SE Frontage Road,
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80525 USA

For letters and parcel please address to NITROcrete LLC.

Engineering Support

Our engineers have spent years achieving specifications for all types of projects.

We have collaborated with state Departments of Transportation and regulatory agencies. As part of our ongoing commitment to customers, our team can provide preliminary technical assistance, historical performance data for submittals, and on-the-job concrete temperature monitoring for high profile projects with stringent concrete specifications.

Collaborative approaches with numerous agencies and DOTs:

  • Currently under utilization: VA, WA, AZ, TX, OK, SC, GA, WI, IL, IA, MD, D.C., OH
  • Numerous Counties and Local Municipalities
  • US Army Corps of Engineers