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slump, evaporation and concrete workability research

Concrete workability, evaporation rate, and hot weather concreting

Hot weather concreting isn't for the faint of heart. We'd hazard a hypothesis that profanity on project sites goes up proportionally with ambient temperature. In short: hot weather concrete is difficult. A simple-sounding yet familiar problem, but one with a complicated explanation. Stubborn hot weather concrete causes challenges for a variety of interconnected reasons.

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improve concrete workability with temperature control
Fresh Concrete

Improve Workability

Prevent slump loss and maintain workability, even in hot weather concreting operations. By lowering the concrete mixture's temperature, crews face less hassle with finishing and placing concrete.

Read this technical summary for an overview of benefits.
reduce emissions produced during concrete mixing

Reduce Carbon Emissions and Waste

A third-party Streamlined Comparative Life Cycle Assesment compared liquid nitrogen cooling with ice cooling; the results showed significant reduction in carbon emissions, harmful particulate matter, and energy consumption.

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cracked concrete from plastic shrinkage
Hardened Concrete

Reduce Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

NITROcrete™ helps control evaporation rate, reducing shrinkage cracking. By controlling temperature, year-round problems with plastic shrinkage are mitigated when...

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concrete hydration control
Technical Summary

Stabilize Hydration Rate

Lower temperatures yield more ideal hydration for stronger concrete, among other benefits.

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