Keeping concrete construction workers safe.

NITROcrete replaces ice with safer, easier automated liquid nitrogen cooling. The status quo for concrete cooling risks injury and strain to workers.

Learn more about how our customers protect their teams and keep their construction sites safer.


“I couldn't be happier with NITROcrete. These days, everything is automated and easier than it was with ice. In all the years I've operated with NITROcrete, I've had no issues with the system harming my operations, people, or equipment.”

Split image of ice in 1900s vs ice in a refridgerated trailer today
Then vs. Now

The photo on the left was taken in the 1830s. The photo on the right was taken last year.

Concrete Cooling for the 21st Century.

It's time for a change. Conventional cooling holds customers back from the efficiency and safety they need for their projects.

In 2012, when a customer approached us asking for a better way to cool concrete, we rose to the challenge by bringing concrete cooling into the 21st century. For hundreds of years, cooling concrete relied on bagged ice or ice blocks to bring mix temperatures to meet specification. And for centuries, as any ready mix producer would agree, ice cooling caused notorious hassles for concrete production.

Hassles that range from the irritation of opening hundreds of bags, to the dangers of worker injury. Workers have lost fingers, strained their backs, and sustained lifelong injuries from hauling and handling ice.

By automating cooling with NITROcrete™, concrete operators protect their workers from potential injury.


“NITROcrete not only provides a solution for effective and efficient concrete cooling, but also the added benefit of improved employee safety. With the elimination of manual handling of concrete cooling products, such as ice, we have been able to reduce our total injuries, and sustain a track record of ZERO injuries resulting from concrete cooling processes with the introduction of the NITROcrete system. We have also observed our employee morale improving through the elimination of one more physical task to be completed during the day, such as loading ice. When safety improves, team morale improves, and business performance and efficiency improves, it's a win, win, win!”

More energy for what matters most.

“If one person gets to return home safely to their family less drained, with more energy to give back to their first priorities, we've been a success.”

Drew Nelson, NITROcrete CEO

With safer work, more dads get to play catch with their daughters after work because they didn't tear their rotator cuff. Without strained muscles, more neighbors can mow their 87-year-old friends' yards every Saturday in summer because they aren't stuck in a back brace.

When workers stay safe and avoid injury at work, success gets measured by every life-altering disaster that our customers prevent by switching to NITROcrete—and by every goodness that fills workers' lives, instead.

Dad catches daughter

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father and daughter fishing
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Crucial Automation to Improve Lives

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highway and green space

Safer for people, Safer for the Environment

Sustainability necessitates controlling the variables of concrete production to mitigate waste. As industry partners step up, NITROcrete adds to their efforts by challenging the ubiquity of ice for temperature control. Read more about the third-party environmental testing...

Improve workability during hot weather concreting
Workability Technical Summary

Improve Workability for Easier Concrete

Most people in the concrete industry know that higher concrete temperatures lead to reduced finishability, lower slump, and increased effort for a quality surface finish. Low temperature improves workability and slump retention Read more about how NITROcrete improves workability...

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