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concrete plant with steam and truck
Media Release | April 2022

Cryogenic Industrial Solutions acquires NITROcrete

Cryogenic Industrial Solutions (CIS), a leading provider of cryogenic transport trailers, tanks, equipment repairs, lease fleet and nitrogen services, announced the acquisition of NITROcrete earlier this month. NITROcrete joins Alloy Custom Products, WesMor Cryogenics, CIS Leasing and Integrity Gas Services under the CIS umbrella of companies.

Learn more about the acquisition.
Slump and evaporation chart from R and D Research
Insights | November 2020

Concrete workability, evaporation rate, and hot weather concreting

Hot weather concreting isn't for the faint of heart. We'd hazard a hypothesis that profanity on project sites goes up proportionally with ambient temperature. In short: hot weather concrete is difficult. A simple-sounding yet familiar problem, but one with a complicated explanation. Stubborn hot weather concrete causes challenges for a variety of interconnected reasons.

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Front desk at NITROcrete headquarters
Media Release | November 2020

Arizona Department of Transportation changes concrete specification to permit aggregate cooling with liquid nitrogen

“We often receive questions about the effects of liquid nitrogen on aggregates,” said Eric Van Dixhorn, NITROcrete VP of Engineering. “Arizona was invested in confirming the safety of pre-cooling methods of delivering liquid nitrogen to the aggregate — which differs from what people historically think of when they imagine LN for concrete cooling...

Learn more about what this specification change means.
State of Virginia and highway
News | July 2020

Virginia Department of Transportation approves NITROcrete as a viable alternative to conventional concrete cooling

After about a year of testing, NITROcrete is now approved by the Virginia Department of Transportation for safe use in concrete roadwork operations. With this, VDOT brings concrete cooling into the 21st century as an alternative to ice cooling

Read more about the VDOT approval process.
green hillside and highway under a blue sky
Industry Insights | June 2020

Safer for people, safer for the environment

We're all working hard to ensure that improving infrastructure now also results in a safer future. Sustainability necessitates controlling the variables of concrete production to mitigate waste.

Discover the environmental advantages of LN cooling.
workers pouring concrete to prepare for finishing
Industry Insights | June 2020

High Rise Construction in Atlanta: Site finishers reported “We could feel the cooling through our work boots.”

With high ambient temperatures and a high cement mix, finishers couldn't believe how easy NITROcrete™ was to work with.

Read more about temperature control for improved workability.
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