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NITROcrete exists to enable the people who build our communities to thrive.

NITROcrete is the world leader in concrete temperature control. In 2012, what started as a jobsite problem for a partner evolved into a product that is revolutionizing the concrete industry. The team listened, tested, developed prototypes, and made adjustments. Then they listened more, tested more, and in 2017, after 5 years of R&D, they introduced NITROcrete, a comprehensive concrete solution born directly out of the concrete industry.

The largest concrete companies in the world now use NITROcrete to simplify their processes, streamline their operations, and grow their bottom lines. NITROcrete provides a comprehensive concrete solution--cooling, system management, and support--which gives its worldwide industry partners unmatched efficiency, control, and peace of mind.

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Building Partnerships. Finding Solutions.

We're not looking for customers, we're looking for partners. Through our relationships, NITROcrete™ commits to creating strong foundations – from our homes, to dams that manage our drinking water, to the bridges we drive across. Together, we lead the concrete industry into innovation that improves the lives of those around us.

Our Leadership

Drew Nelson, NITROcrete CEO

Stephen De Bever

Chief Executive Officer
Mike Shauer, NITROcrete COO

Mike Schauer

Chief Operating Officer
Brandon Echard, NITROcrete VP of Field Operations

Brandon Echard

VP of Field Operations

Our History

NITROcrete™ leads the world in concrete temperature control. But that expertise didn't come without trials. NITROcrete™ began in 2005 when the recession hit the concrete industry hard.

Relief came through hard work, sweat, and innovation on a line of portable concrete batch plants that turned into profit for our customers. In 2010, our batch plant helped build the ski jump on a remote part of Whistler Mountain for the Vancouver Olympics.

But it wasn't all mountain tops. As the whole industry emerged from the recession stronger and more innovative, we also leaned into our grit to find new paradigms for approaching concrete construction that solved real industry challenges. Over the years, our relentless hard work garnered a reputation for innovation and reliability as a design-build equipment manufacturer for the most exacting project specifications. A variety of industries sought our expertise in precision blending — from ready-mix operations to multi-million dollar plants to meet high-spec applications for the oil & gas industry.

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Industry-Changing Innovation

In 2012, when a customer approached us about cooling while batching to improve profit and safety, we listened, prototyped, and emerged with the NITROcrete™ automated liquid nitrogen application process.

As a solution born directly out of the concrete industry, we also understood that our partners in industry deserved more than just a great product, but also the ongoing support to gain the most value from their operations. We've fought for this industry each step along the journey, but more importantly, we've listened. That collaboration now paves the way forward for comprehensive control over temperature with NITROcrete™.

Core Values

More than mere words, our core values inform our way of life.

At NITROcrete™, our company culture is built on the firm foundation of our values. These values are not aspirations or who we strive to be, but who we already are. Our values describe who we are today, where we've been, and where we're headed. We see these qualities in our team, in the industry, and in our customers as well. Together, we share a common goal: make life better for the people who build our communities.

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Do the right thing. All the time. • Have a strong moral compass

Integrity, to us, means placing what's right over what's expedient, what's easy. In our work lives, home lives, and in our communities, we strive for genuine trust that's only earned through actions taken with integrity.

Tighten the last bolt • Do what needs to be done

We stake our reputation on quality work. We won't settle for cutting corners or accepting less than what we can achieve. We listen and respond to the gnawing feeling that says “it could be better.”

See the good and the possible • Act upon the world

Having a positive mindset doesn't mean slapping on a forced smile. It's deeper than that. In this world, we can either act upon the world or be acted upon. We chose the former.

Persist and persevere • Keep moving forward

Grit made this industry, and grit sets our team apart. Grit evidences an indestructible strength of character in the face of challenge.

Serve • Listen to understand

“Value” inherently measures worth. When we value others, we acknowledge their worth as people first. Worth as people whose lives reflect the different talents, experiences, and expectations they've gained along their journey.

Work for the industry's good. • Build together.

A convergence of ideas and hard work built this industry. As a product created to solve a simple but pervasive industry challenge, we collaborate so we all move forward.

Industry Partnerships

The largest concrete companies in the world use NITROcrete™ to simplify their processes, streamline their operations and grow their bottom line. We are more than just temperature control experts. We are your partner for life.

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National Ready Mix Association

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Awards and Recognition

Our most valued achievement comes from the safety our customers provide their workers.

We're also humbled by recognition from:
BizWest Mercury 100 Listing for the fastest growing private companies in Northern Colorado
2020 Northern Colorado Mercury 100

Listed at #1 in our category for fastest growing companies in Northern Colorado.

2019 Winner for MIP Most Innovative Products at World of Concrete
2019 MIP World of Concrete

Selected as a winner for World of Concrete's Most Innovative Products.